Guilherme Martins is an interdisciplinary artist working in the areas of visual design, digital arts, multimedia production, physical computing and interactive systems.

With a background as a designer, developer, director and educator, Guilherme gathered a multidisciplinary skillset to the projects he works on.

His work includes immersive video for live performances including opera, theatre, dance and music performances, interactive installations for museums, exhibitions, festivals and advertising events, and development of physical platforms related to robotics and music instruments.

Hi! I’m Guilherme Martins, I‘ve always been a curious person, driven to and by visual arts. I started my career as a graphic designer and later shifted to web design. During my web design career, I learned to program in Flash. This was back in 2000.

After a couple of years, I specialized in visual animations and video projection for operas, theatre, music bands, and live performances. I even developed my own Multimedia Assets Manager for live performances in JITTER called Einstein VideoPlayer, which has its own repository on Artica’s github.

Later, I discovered the Arduino platform and I started to play with circuits, motors, sensors and in what was eventually known as “physical computing”.

Because I really like to explore different mediums and materials, I ended up building circuits on paper, cardboard and acrylic. If you google “paperduino“, you’ll eventually land on my old blog where I showcased the first fully working Arduino on a piece of paper. It was mentioned on tech blogs all over the web, like the makezine, for instance.

Creative Robotics started as a simple hobby but eventually became more serious over time.
I set up a Creative Robotics Youtube channel to show off all my creations, and my funny little robots were known worldwide at that time.

The fact that some of the videos have thousands of views, it totally blows my mind!

After a couple of years, I was doing Creative Robotics workshops and demos in schools for young kids, teenagers, teachers and parents. 

During Artica’s existence, we went all over Portugal educating a wide variety of enthusiasts and students on how easy it is to start in the physical computing field.

Back in 2011, I co-founded Artica Creative Computing with André Almeida. During the next 10 years, we developed dozens of interactive installations for many different contexts: Advertising Campaigns, Museums, Exhibitions, Street Interventions and Art Festivals. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all our customers stopped their activities and we had to close our doors at the end of 2020.

During those 10 years of existence, we explored so many different fields, AR, VR, holographic illusions, huge screens, interactive industrial robots, a large scale interactive Neuron sculpture, and so much more.

Today, I’m back to my artistic roots, in pursuit of my passion for Art.

I’m building a body of work related to visual arts, photography, video and interactive multimedia, which you’ll find on this website.

You can count on me to partner up on developing unexplored interactive paradigms, art direction, brainstorming, and new media consultancy.

If you are still reading this, I truly admire and appreciate you!!

There’s so much more to say, so feel free to connect with me through my social media, or drop me a message to say ‘hello’.

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