Amoreiras 360º Panoramic Elevator

In September 2015 we did a project for State of the Art to develop a few installations to celebrate 30 Anos Amoreiras. Amongst this installation was an elevator simulator, decorated with TV screens and LED strips. The simulator was promoting the upcoming opening of a 360 Panoramic View in the top of Amoreiras Shopping tower.

The project had it’s usual share of setbacks that a project of this size usually has, so we are quite happy to see it operating well and already open to the public.

The elevator is located at Amoreiras Shopping Center, taking guests all the way to 18th floor to enjoy the 360 degree Panoramic View. More information about the viewpoint can be found at

Customer: Mundicenter
Production: ArticaCC
Project Lead: André Almeida
Structure / Interiors Design: Eric da Costa
Construction: Hilário Almeida
Assembly: Eric da Costa, José Noronha, João Ribeiro, André Almeida
Electronics: Bruno Serras, Tarquínio Mota
Video Software: Guilherme Martins, André Almeida
Video Editing: Filipe Barbosa, Guilherme Martins
Sound: M-Pex
Drone Video Capture: SkyEye


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