Avengers STATION Exhibition

Through our partnership with Audience Entertainment we helped develop certain components of a large interactive exhibition produced by Victory Hill Exhibitions for Marvel. The Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Exhibition was installed in both Paris and Las Vegas and is planned to have a small tour through the world ( Singapore in October). The exhibition features the history and lore of the Avengers characters, with a tour through the different characters, their powers, their suits, etc. We have collected a few press clips: 1 2 3 4 5

The modules we developed for the exhibit were the final game and the debriefing room which visitors can experience at the end of the exhibition tour. This project came to us through our partner Audience Entertainment, we worked in tight collaboration with Victory Hill ExhibitionsAcoustiguidetech Las VegasDiablo Sound and Photamate to integrate it as smoothly as possible with the rest of the exhibition systems.

The most immediate concern was the visual aspect of the game, playing on 6, person tall, 4K vertical screens. The game is only 3 minutes long, including the game mechanics explanation, and it was developed having in mind recent movie lore of Avengers.

When a visitor reaches the final game area they are requested to swipe their rented iPods running the exhibition application developed by Acoustiguide on a beacon and the players are divided into teams, each assigned its own Avenger, and they use their special controls to attack Ultron and his sentries.

Our developed game required an interface with the local control system to trigger the start and end of the game, to handle light system interaction and the opening and closing of the doors. When the game is over the wall of screens opens revealing the exit where another videowall screen has an application playing a congratulatory video and displaying the Avengers STATION ID cards of the players who just finished the final game. The IDcards are generated by the Photomate server, we designed a simple API with them to handle the creation and retrieval of the ID cards using minimum bandwidth possible.

Victory Hill Exhibitions

Victory Hill Exhibitions

Artica Creative Computing

Interaction Design
André Almeida, Guilherme Martins

Game Development
André Almeida, Alexandre Costa, Filipe Barbosa

Video Intro
Guilherme Martins

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