Tangible Sequencer

Tangible Sequencer

Music Sequencers always pleased me, and I have been around this topic for a while
This time I have developed what I ended calling a Tangible Sequencer.
It enables physical interaction with the music, and also the possibility of multiple users. You might want to check the in-depth walkthrough.

Brain, Wider than the Sky

Brain, wider than the Sky

Brain, Wider than the Sky

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Rui Oliveira

Project leader, Interaction design, Software development
Neuron Sculpture detection and interaction
André Almeida

Rigging, Electronics, Setup
David Palma

Neuron Sculpture project leader
Neuron Sculpture vision, concept, sculpture
Eric da Costa

Interactive applications art direction
3D Models, UI design, Brain Orchestra Sound design
Neuron Sculpture Sound design
Filipe Barbosa

Time to Action Author Software development, Project Advisor
Gonçalo Lopes (NeuroGears)

Light equipment design and assembly, Neuron sculpture interactive sound software
Brain orchestra software developer
Guilherme Martins

Neuron Sculpture fibreglass
Neuron Sculpture assembly
João Ribeiro

NeuroGears, Neuron Sculpture detection software
Project Advisor
João Frazão

Neuron Sculpture fiberglass
Neuron Sculpture assembly
José Pedro Sousa

Interactive applications Software developer
Ricardo Imperial

Neuron Sculpture software development
Neuron Sculpture light/electronics development
Interactive applications software development
Tarquínio Mota

Leonel Caldeira

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