Guilherme Martins

Interdisciplinary artisan

Photography is like an instant painting, moments are lost in space and time, and with a simple press of a button, these moments are captured and stored forever.

With the bonus of taking these images to the digital lab and working with tools such as Photoshop or LightRoom, or even going more deep into manipulation with After Effects or Touchdesigner, these moments gain another life and eventually result in unexpected surrealistic imagery. If you like these kind of sourcery, jump into the digital section.


I love to explore the tiniest hidden details in nature. It’s like traveling to an unexplored immersive world.


Diving deep into the woods, up the hills or walking at the immense openness of the coast.


I was born and raised in Almada, use to be a skateboarder, BMX’er, I still feel that I belong to the street.