Glimmer by Micro Audio Waves and Rui Horta

Glimmer is the new album by Micro Audio Waves, and just like in the past Zoetrope, they partnership with the coreographer Rui Horta to create an unique and immersive concert experience. Just like in Zoetrope, I was once again privileged in being inside this epic journey. 

My work consisted in creating visual digital contents, writing a custom software in Touchdesigner to agregate videos and interactive visual contents, LED strips control, and also to trigger syncronized events to Ableton Live and GrandMA Light Mixer.

For me this was a massive challenge, to be able to do everything from scratch on a tight timeline, easy to manage and update,, and also easy to operate live.

In this video I’m showing a little bit of the Sync/Trigger Program made in Cycling 74 MAX. This one sends a trigger to Touchdesigner and simultaneously to Ableton Live.
If there is a precount bit in ableton Live it delays the trigger to TD. This way the videos are always in sync with the audio.

The link between Max and TouchDesigner is through OSC.
The link between Max and Ableton Live is via RTPMidi.

There are two computers running the same TouchDesigner program, in case of failure, the other computer takes control. There’s an HDMI switch to commute from one output to the other.

There are also two computers running the same Ableton Live Session, syncronized with an iConnectivity interface. My Max program sends a Midi command to iConnectivity, and this command is sent to both Live instances, to TazLite plugin.

The following images show a little bit of my visual art for Glimmer.

Direção, desenho de luz e espaço cénico: Rui Horta
Coreografia: Rui Horta, Gaya de Medeiros
Música original: Micro Audio Waves (Claudia Efe, C. Morg, Flak e Francisco Rebelo)
Intérpretes: Claudia Efe, Gaya de Medeiros, C. Morg, Flak e Francisco Rebelo
Conteúdos digitais e desenvolvimento de software: Guilherme Martins
Realização vídeo: Stella Horta
Direção de fotografia: Tomás Vieira
Vídeo ‘Liquid Luck’ e consultoria LED: David Ventura
Video ‘Liquid Luck’ e design gráfico: Marco Madruga
Figurinos: Constança Entrudo
Figurinos do vídeo ‘Pacific Airways’: Sofia Braga
Direção de produção: Pedro Santos
Direção técnica: João Chicó
Som: Artur David
Roadie: Sérgio Barata
Assistente de iluminação e palco: Pedro Guimarães
Comunicação: this is ground control

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