Local Geographic

Local Geographic, Rui Horta’s third and last creation while Associate Artist of the Season, is a reflection on identity, a study of a “personal geography“, using the body as a tool to discover the world.

11, 12 and 14 May 2010 – 9:00 PM
15 and 16 May 2010 – 7:00 PM

A work about the importance of loosing oneself; on turning loss in a method, especially when life experience tends to become a burden that prevent us to take risks. Loss, though as a method.
Every week, I was used to pick up my bike to discover a new trail and a new landscape. Usually, I set out early morning and returned before my day really began. It was like a prologue to an announced routine. Sometimes I lost myself…
There are people who go to Namibia or to Tibet to lose them (and spend a great deal of money …). And there are those who lose just around the corner, almost next to the doorway. For any creator doubt, loss and risk are the very substance of work, coexisting everyday: research and experimentation.
Somehow, from the three works I created to the CCB as associate artist of the current season, this one is the most narrative and also the most personal. A discourse on the quest for identity, in the opposite of plausible, at the border of irony. It could only be done by me and for myself or for a performer with whom I have been sharing a multitude of creative adventures over eighteen years, Anton Skrzypiciel. Many-sided actor/dancer/performer, a man so curious about live that he never tied anchor in any harbour, a major actor in one of the most important works I created.
This is a work accompanied by one of my usual accomplices, composer Tiago Cerqueira, actor/stage director Tiago Rodrigues and multimedia designer Guilherme Martins.

Direction | Choreography | Lighting RUI HORTA
Original Soundtrack TIAGO CERQUEIRA
Dramaturgy Support TIAGO RODRIGUES
Technical Direction NUNO BORDA DE ÁGUA
CCB | O Espaço do Tempo | Centro Cultural Vila Flor | Teatro Nacional S. João

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