Modular Jam #4 Cosmik Riders

Recorded live with a modular system

Edited the mix in Ableton Live, mainly some minor EQ and compressed the mix a bit.
Edited the video in Adobe Premiere to make a proper intro and development.
Modular Recipe:
KSP random arpeggio to MI Rings straight to Befaco STMix
The same CV that goes to Rings is being compared with ADDAC208 and triggering an Envelope. This envelope opens another VCA channel with a copy of Rings output, connected to Desmodus Versio
Rings Structure is being modulated by PNW attenuated Square wave, connected to ADDAC215 Dual S&H in Track&Hold mode with Slew fully dialed in
Previously recorded Rings output to Morphagene
A random trigger opens the Morphagene VCA, it’s connected to Strymon Magneto
A slow clock is switching Magneto play mode forward/reverse
KSP is triggering drums samples 1010Music Bitbox Micro, with samples from Ableton Live.
Randomly triggering hihats that are stereo panned by Endorphines Milky Way
Snare has a slight reverd from FX Aid
Bass by Tiptop Buchla 258t and 281t
Adittional textures with Plaits going thru a Reverb algorythm by Expert Sleepers Disting EX
Everything recorded on Zoom H6
Video gear:
Sony a6400
7artisans Fish-eye 7.5mm
Video cover by:

© 2022, Guilherme Martins