I like to play with different stuff, from software, physical devices, electronics, video, photography, music.
Below there’s some research topics that I’ve made in the past.

Artica Instruments

This project started with “Interact“, a research project that enabled us to research on ways to enable multiple users to interact and to engage both in virtual and physical worlds at the same time.
Artica Instruments started as an experiment with physical computing, and resulted in a set of modules designed for fast prototyping, mainly physical control panels. These panels can be used in many different contexts related to physical computing, interactivity, control panels, robotics, musical instruments, and so on.

All these modules have an open source hardware philosophy and have a dedicated repository on Github. Feel free to use them as you wish.

There’s also a Youtube channel with some tutorials on how to use and interface these modules with the Arduino / Teensy platform.

Dynamic Pepper’s Ghost Effect

Another experiment using holographic illusions aka Pepper’s Ghost, this time with a physical interaction between the virtual and the real worlds. Check the walkthrough in case you want to know more about this experiment.

Spatial Sound Exploration

Exploring spatial soundscapes with body location.
This prototype is a proof of concept for location-based sound exploration.

Each participant/VIVE tracker has a sound attached, this sound follows the participant inside the room. If the participant moves to a corner the sound becomes more audible in that specific corner. This video shows a proof of concept in a small room, the same concept can be applied in any room size, or even in large venues.
Follow the video’s link for a full description.

Tangible Step Sequencer

Music Sequencers always pleased me, and I have been around this topic for a while. This time I have developed what I called a Tangible Sequencer. It enables physical interaction with the music, and also multiple users. Check the in depth walkthrough.

Pepper’s Ghost Walkthrough

An experiment using transparent reflective film, that enables nice holographic illusions, also knows as Pepper’s Ghost. Enable captions for english subtitles.

Solenoids Step Sequencer

Using a modified Beap Step Sequencer from MAXMSP to trigger Solenoids actuators. It’s recorded in portuguese, you can enable subtitles.

Pixy test and review

This video shows different approaches on how to use the Pixy camera, showing also different types of Pan / Tilt systems. It’s recorded in portuguese, you can enable subtitles.

I See You

“I See You” is a robot that is hungry for human faces and is continuously seeking faces. It was exhibited in “O Espaço do Tempo” in Montemor-o-Novo, in “Pavilhão do Conhecimento” in Lisbon,  and “Casa do Conhecimento” in Vila Verde. It had a second iteration with stronger motors and more joints.

Zezinho, the Poser

This little fellow was called “Zezinho, the Poser”. It’s a wood manequin with servo motors in every joints. Using a hacked sound mixer, the user was able to interact and make it, you have probably guessed, perform a pose. This installation was exhibited in Fabrica Features in Lisbon, during the course “Sounds of Thought” lectured by Andre Sier. There’s more photos here.

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