interdisciplinary artisan


Just like drawing, music has always been with me since my early days.

I enjoy playing keyboards, messing with software and hardware synths, 
and also playing with anything that can make any type of noise.

The Sounds of Beads

The Sounds of Beads, the Texture Synthesizer Beads, from Mutable Instruments is well known for not being everyone’s “cup of tea”, and it’s absolutely understandable.

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Vimana Sequencer

Vimana Sequencer Vimana is a personal interpretation of a Multi-track Midi Step Sequencer with an Open Philosophy regarding the User Interface I have been working

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Drone Engine

Drone Engine I have an Axoloti core for a couple of years, I never gave good use to it. The time  finally came. I have been thinking

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Music for Peace

Music for Peace A sonic offering in a time of fear and uncertainity.My sincere prayers for the suffering of the Ukranian people, and all the

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Tangible Sequencer

Tangible Sequencer Music Sequencers always pleased me, and I have been around this topic for a whileThis time I have developed what I ended calling

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Solenoids Step Sequencer

Solenoids Step Sequencer Here I’m using a modified Beap Step Sequencer from MAXMSP to trigger Solenoids actuators.It’s recorded in portuguese, you can enable subtitles.

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